Property and Infrastructure Specialists
Since joining APP as an intern, I’ve been given ample opportunity to learn and grow and to gain hands-on experience on real-world projects.
Eunice Zhu

With a Bachelor of Finance and International Business and a Master of Global Business Analysis, I recognise that a transition to the construction industry isn’t the most obvious career path; however it’s an area that I’m passionate about and excited to pursue.

Discovering my passion has been an exciting journey for me. Whilst travelling through Spain in 2012, I was fascinated by the beautiful Gaudi-designed buildings in Barcelona which initially sparked my interest in the industry. My curiosity was further fueled during my time as a Corporate Relationship Manager at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), where I had the opportunity to specialise in the real estate sector. I’m now set to graduate with a Master of Construction Practice from Bond University and am learning that my previous skills and experience in finance are actually quite transferable to project management.

To further my knowledge and practical experience, I joined APP as an intern in May 2017 and have since been working two days a week in the Brisbane office.  As an APP intern, I’m able to immerse myself in every aspect of the construction industry, learn from colleagues and senior leaders, and gain valuable, practical experience. At the moment, I’m working on the projects of Construction of Building U and Renovation of Building 200 at the Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Banyo Campus. My role is to support the Project Manager and Project Director, attend site inspections and site meetings, and to manage project costs, progress payment, variations in the system.

With my background in finance, I’m accustomed to viewing a project from a banking perspective, so it’s been interesting for me to alter my perspective for the construction industry. Aside from gaining valuable experience, I’m really enjoying the culture and the working environment at APP. My colleagues at every level are friendly, supportive and eager to guide me along the way. I also really value being included in APPtitude, a group where junior project managers come together to share knowledge, innovative ideas, challenges they face or any other exciting new projects they’re working on.

- Eunice Zhu, Project Coordinator