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I am a Melbourne girl born and bred, and joined APP part-time in 2007 whilst completing a dual degree in Architecture and Property/Construction. Following my graduation in 2008, I started working as a full-time Assistant Project Manager in the projects division.
Megan Macdonald

APP is a large and diverse consultancy, which has offered opportunities to grow my skills in people management, commercial management, business development and project management. I’ve worked across sectors including retail, hospitality, commercial, mixed-use, industrial and health. This has given me exposure to different project types, contracting models, fellow consultants and clients. With no two days the same in 13 years, and lots of opportunity for learning, this has kept work-life interesting and suited my constant need for variety!

People are APP’s core asset and I am proud to say that I work with a very diligent, committed and intelligent group of people. As a Business Unit Leader, I’m passionate about fostering a coherent team of professionals who are driven, commercially focused, innovative and supportive of their peers and their clients’ endeavors. I also expect them to collectively contribute towards the continuous improvement of the service offering, operations and culture at APP.

When it comes to delivering good service, I work hard to understand the objectives of our clients and stakeholders. This stems from a genuine interest in the industry and enjoying the process of transformation more generally. I do my research, try to be prepared and am never afraid to ask a silly or difficult question - practicing the art of “humble enquiry” often!

I love the property industry and am passionate about achieving high-quality built form outcomes. APP’s values of Strive, Own It, Do What’s Right, Respect help the team to navigate any tricky situations. We certainly aren’t infallible as individuals or as a group, and are committed to high standards. We question one another and hold vigorous debates on of certain approaches or thought processes, but always respectfully. In this environment, we can provide our clients with the high quality of service APP is known for, to transform communities and the built environment for the better.

What I enjoy most about APP is the supportive and flexible culture that exists in our working environment, both in regard to physical flexibility allowing for work to be completed in and around life’s general challenges, and also with a give-it-a-go mindset. Within the necessary business frameworks, APP has always encouraged self-direction and as much autonomy as individuals and teams desire, allowing them to achieve various personal career aspirations, with the support of their manager and peers.

Whilst I’ve delivered many diverse projects, I’m really proud of one of my earliest projects, the Myer Bourke Street Redevelopment. This was a major transformative project for Myer and the city of Melbourne. It was a notable project for two key reasons, the first because the synergy and camaraderie  within the Myer / APP project team led the performance of the wider project team. Secondly, the project was iconic, highly technical, complex and demanding, so it challenged the team and resulted in the opportunity for career advancement. It’s testament to the project that the relationships forged across the various teams continue to this day.

More recently, another landmark project for me was managing the fitout for Victoria Police on their new premises on Bourke Street. It was a tight programme, with high security and other challenges and the client was very happy with the result.

We joke that APP stands for Always Party People, and culturally, we are a fun-loving bunch! I think that because the property industry is demanding, by extension our role as consultants can tend towards the stressful. It is therefore important that we celebrate project and professional milestones, make work fun and encourage a sensible work-life balance. APP supports this approach and makes room for individuals to pursue their interests.  

- Megan Macdonald, Project Director

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