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I first heard about APP's Graduate Program through a friend at Uni who knew someone that worked at APP. I heard really good things about the culture and sectors they worked in as well as it being a good program. Once I started, met the team and experienced the culture, it was everything I’d heard, probably more so.
Liam Ryan

My first rotation was working on the Grand Prix as a site coordinator. I had next to no experience working on projects outside of my degree (Masters of Civil Engineering) but the team was so helpful and everyone just wants to see you succeed. I was given a lot of responsibility from the start which threw me in the deep end but definitely helped with the learning experience. I was given a contractor to manage throughout the event and was based on site the whole time in a fast-paced, exciting environment. I was well supported though, senior management are really good with helping whenever you need it.

I closed out my year in the grad program working across three different projects. The pace was very different to the Grand Prix due to the nature of the projects but I had the same level of responsibility. I didn’t expect the level of responsibility when I started but it’s helped me learn a lot, perhaps more so than my alumni who went into other programs.

I’m in the sustainability committee APP4Me, and I organised a group from the office to run in Melbourne marathon, or part of it with good feedback so we’ll probably do it again. I’ve also attended the APPnext networking nights which have been great for meeting new people and expanding my network. These activities always give me something to look forward to and talk about outside of work, it’s a huge part of staff morale.

In the next couple of years I’d like to work my way up to PM and gain exposure to a range of sectors within the industry. I’d love to get into some residential and retail projects to see the other side of the industry and round out my experience.

The biggest thing for me is the culture of the APP. It’s a workplace that looks after staff as well as works hard and gets good involvement in a range of sectors in the industry.

- Liam Ryan, Assistant Project Manager

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