Property and Infrastructure Specialists
I joined APP’s Graduate Program after completing a degree in Urban and Regional Planning with Honors at the University of South Australia. I was learning new things and being challenged on both a personal and professional level from my very first day.
Celia Chirnside

I relocated from Adelaide to Melbourne to join the Graduate Program and I was given a lot of responsibility from the beginning as the superintendent for the plumbing contract, a handful of enclosures, and assisted with the education and entertainment sectors on the Grand Prix. Whilst my role on the Grand Prix was challenging, I was definitely provided with help when I needed it. During a particularly difficult week on site I approached the Director for some guidance and was provided with a mentor who was able to give me the support I needed to really succeed in that position. I was told several times that I was working on the hardest contract, so for me acting in this role was a real achievement.

After completing the Graduate Program I relocated back to my hometown and I am now working in APP’s Adelaide office. It’s been really nice to see the team in Melbourne make an effort to stay in touch and still be very supportive since I moved.

There have been so many good times both working on projects and taking part in APP4Me and APPnext events. I have formed some excellent personal friendships as well as professional relationships in both Melbourne and Adelaide and overall, working at APP has been a really enjoyable experience.

At the moment I am taking advantage of all of the opportunities and learning as much as I can so I can move forward in my career. My current goal is to become a Project Manager.

- Celia Chirnside, Assistant Project Manager

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