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After studying and completing my Master of Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney, I became interested in project management. I worked on a couple of projects where I experienced the management side and I knew I wanted to get more exposure. APP was recommended to me by a friend and after some research I applied for the Graduate Program.
Ahmed Skaf

My key experiences in the Graduate Program was getting to jump right into real projects. It was a learning experience from day one with real tasks and real deadlines. It was an amazing opportunity to hit the ground running on some of Sydney’s most interesting projects including: a hotel; a stadium; a library. All in the first few weeks.

The level of support provided was next to none. Everyone was and still is happy to help. The responsibility was dependent on ourselves, if we wanted to take on more work it was provided with support.

Some of the most valuable experiences was being able to join meetings, attend site and be involved in real discussions and real project meetings helped me widen my view and knowledge on how communication is so important in our field.

I didn’t expect to jump straight in. It was a surprise on how involved I was in a project as a Graduate, even if I was only part of the team for the three-month rotation. I started in the Projects division, followed by Infrastructure, then Urban and ended my graduate role in Programs working on a range of fit-out projects. Four really different experiences and only possible by being part of the APP Graduate program.

At the end of the Graduate Program I was fortunate to join the Projects division in Sydney where I’m now working across three projects:

  1. Brookvale Oval Centre of Excellence
  2. A major bank HQ command center fit-out
  3. 7-storey commuter carpark with commercial tenancies.

The diverse range of projects our team is involved in makes it enjoyable. My aim is to learn off my senior colleagues and soak up the information you can’t learn in a classroom. Working closely with the senior team on three different projects you cannot predict what you’re going to be working on. It’s always varying, but that’s what makes it interesting. It’s a constant learning experience and I’m excited in what the future holds.

- Ahmed Skaf, Assistant Project Manager

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