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I have known I wanted to be involved in project management since my time at the University of New South Wales. During my Civil Engineering Degree, I was a part of a project management undergraduate program, and that sparked my interest. However, when I attended APP’s Graduate Information Evening, I knew I didn’t want to work for just any project management company. I wanted to be a part of APP. It showed me what APP’s culture was all about and it has proven to be a great working environment.
Steven Mastrangelo

My first rotation was in the Infrastructure division. I was fortunate to work on the final stage of the Sydney Light Rail Project. Studying at UNSW, I had seen a lot of the construction work around the Kensington area and had done a few assignments on the project. This background knowledge made the project even more interesting. I was on site with several skilled and experienced people and that taught me invaluable lessons.

One of the great things about the Graduate Program is that you are encouraged to, and supported in, taking on more responsibility. It would take a couple of weeks to get into each rotation and understand their processes, but I felt that once I found my place in each division, managers would see that and allow me to take on a bigger role. This ultimately made the transition to Assistant Project Manager a lot easier, and helped me to develop my skills and abilities, and push my own expectations for myself. 

The support at APP is amazing. No matter how senior someone may be, they always seem to have the time to answer any questions or have a chat. People made an effort to introduce themselves and provide advice whenever needed and I was surprised by the level of responsibility I received. In the first week of most rotations I was already speaking with clients!

2020 was a challenging year for everyone and it did create some unusual circumstances to the Graduate Program. Having the entire office work from home as a graduate was difficult at first, especially when changing rotations. I couldn’t turn my head and ask the person sitting next to me for help. APP utilised the Zoom chat tool and more regular team meetings to make this easier. This taught me the importance of being proactive and adaptable, and the best ways to communicate with the team at home.

I’m currently working on the InvoCare Network and Brand Optimisation Program where I work on the delivery and fit out of multiple funeral homes. In addition to this, I’m transitioning into joining the Program Management Office (PMO) team where we find and implement efficiencies to significantly improve the delivery of client’s capital works programs.

I want to develop my project management skills and I know at APP, I’m at the right place to do it. I hope that I’ll be able to manage my own project soon.

- Steven Mastrangelo, Assistant Project Manager

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