Property and Infrastructure Specialists
As a graduate, I truly do have my hand in what seems like many honey pots. The APP Graduate Program has provided me with ample opportunities to experience every facet of project management and I am constantly learning more about the industry and how it operates.
Simone Wong

After studying a double degree in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales, I spent six months working on Sydney Metro NorthWest with the principle contractor, which gave me a brilliant introduction to the industry. I was thrilled to join APP in the beginning of 2017 and hit the ground running working with the Urban Development team during my first rotation. I have since moved to the Infrastructure team to work on the NorthConnex Project, and it’s here where I feel as though I’ve really got into my stride. It’s quite amazing how quickly you learn when you’re thoroughly enjoying what you do every day.

Since joining APP, I feel that my knowledge has increased exponentially in a matter of months which is certainly exciting. Whilst my background in engineering has helped me immensely, it is apparent that so much of what I have learnt has come from the hands-on approach to the job and through shadowing my senior colleagues.

As well as being passionate about the work I do each and every day, it’s the people that make my time at APP truly enjoyable. I really appreciate how much my colleagues have welcomed and embraced me as a valued member of the team from day one. It’s a combination of loving what I do and the environment I work in, that allows me to thrive especially in the early stages of my career.

- Simone Wong, Project Engineer