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I joined APP’s Graduate Program after completing a bachelor of Civil Engineering at the University of New South Wales. I always knew I wanted to work in consulting from a project management perspective. Knowing that I enjoyed both managing people and problem solving, I followed a friend’s recommendation and applied for the Graduate Program.
Georgia Welsh

My first rotation was with the Projects team, which was exactly what I had hoped the program would be. I then moved into the Program Solutions team where I assisted with the management of projects in Adelaide. This meant I was able to travel around South Australia, which is not what I expected to be able to do as a Graduate. After completing my rotation with Programs I joined our Urban Development team.

As it happened the team required someone for a project and I was the only person with capacity, which meant I was put onto the project as an Assistant Project Manager. This project has been extremely challenging, I’ve been able to do so much working on it that when the time came to move to my next rotation I expressed a desire to see it through and thankfully was able to stay and join the team permanently.

The responsibility and learning opportunities I have had as part of the graduate program have been substantial. As you’re the only graduate in a rotation you really get an opportunity to learn hands on. You get back what you give. So if you show a willingness to learn, the staff at APP will take you under their wing and mentor you. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by people who are invested in seeing you do well.

I’d really love to get into the feasibility space, assisting clients with investigating and planning what to do with a parcel of land. I find that it combines problem solving with an element of creativity, with a focus on both the end user and wider community. What kind of open space do we need here? Do we need a hospital? Or a school? What kind of power and water will be required? So we’re getting an entire overview, and yes it might take 5-10 years for these projects to finally get started but it’s the whole package deal. The urban team covers a wide range of the business with planners, the environmental team, the delivery team and then the strategy team. I joined the team as I knew that it would give me exposure to the full lifecycle of a project as well as develop my understanding of project management.

Working at APP has been such a great experience so far, I love APP’s culture. There are lots of social activities and APP4Me has been a great way to get to know everyone in the office. It’s comforting that upper management are always approachable, any of them will have a conversation with you. I’ve made lot of friends at work so now work and life is mixed up, in a good way.

- Georgia Welsh, Assistant Project Manager

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