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Ali joined our APP team in Sydney in November 2017 through a job placement program with Jobsupport. We had identified a series of tasks that with Jobsupport’s guidance have been perfectly suited to Ali’s skills, and through Jobsupport’s placement program and the collective support of our staff, Ali hit the ground running. Over time the benefits to both Ali and APP have been immeasurable.
The best of a win-win situation

Ali’s view on working life

My absolute favourite thing to do is play netball. It’s my favourite sport. And dance. Hip hop is my favourite dance and is what I like to do outside of work. Before joining APP I did some work experience when I was still at school. I was working in a warehouse in Brookvale sorting clothes, books and other things for a couple of months.

At APP I work 5 hours every day from 10:00am to 2:30pm. This job is a perfect fit for me because it fits in with the things I like to do in the afternoons. Today I have yoga and then dance after work, so I am able to fit everything in.

My favourite thing about work is my good friends. I have so many good friends here. The people are so friendly, they talk to me any time and are really nice. Sometimes they help me with my shoes because I can’t do my shoelaces and my boss supports me through everything. They’re really nice and helpful. I really like doing the drinks delivery on Friday because it’s easier for me to do and I can move a bit quicker. There isn’t anything I don’t like.

Having a job means that I can get a car sometime with my money. Maybe I can live closer one day so I can walk to work. I have a lot of independence now. I don’t have a driver’s licence at the moment but one day I will. Mostly it means I can help my family. If I earn money I can give to my family to help them.

From APP’s perspective

We initially contacted Jobsupport to enquire if one of their clients would suit some of the tasks we required to be performed around the office. We met Ali and haven’t looked back.

It worked from day one. Jobsupport provided 6 weeks of daily training and fully monitored Ali performing her tasks, followed by a further 2-3 months of monitoring and training and now weekly check-ins and assistance. It has been a learning experience for us as well and Jobsupport’s guidance along the way has been really helpful. Ali has bonded well with the staff, everyone looks out for her and she’s as much a part of the team as the rest of us.

One of the biggest, and unexpected, bonuses to having Ali in the office is that she’s got a wonderful sense of humour that we all enjoy. You can’t help but laugh and smile with her. If Ali’s in the kitchen when you escape to make a cup of tea, she’ll make you laugh. It’s impossible to carry a mood into a conversation with her, she makes everything lighter.

Whilst it is obvious Ali prefers some tasks over others, and this can be more emphasised, we work to her schedule and mentor her accordingly. We offer a lot of positive reinforcement and set boundaries that she can understand. At the end of the day, she is doing the time consuming, repetitive tasks that no one has enjoyed performing until now. And now it’s all done – the kitchens are tidy, photocopier is full, fridges are stocked, and the office is humming.

Jobsupport’s approach to placing clients, along with the support of our staff have all contributed to Ali’s work here being a success – she’s a part of the team and we’re thrilled to have her.

- Ali Bell, Office Assistant 

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