Independent Assurance Services

The primary function of APP’s independent assurance services is to act as an Independent Reviewer and, where applicable, a Certifier, to ensure that works are carried out in accordance with the client’s contract.

On major infrastructure and heavy engineering projects these two roles are becoming increasingly necessary as complex financial arrangements are structured to secure a project’s tenure. Given the risks inherent in such large scale ventures, it is imperative that clients have an independent, rigorous reporting structure in place – and APP can provide one.

On major building projects, Independent Certifiers are also being used more often, for similar reasons. Having an Independent Certifier on board is a less adversarial way of resolving disputes, particularly between joint-venture partners or owners/developers and tenants.

As an Independent Verification Body (IVB), APP will develop and implement a comprehensive verification system. We aim to give our clients the confidence that the technical requirements of the project will be met. We make sure that all contractual deliverables with regard to design, materials and workmanship are satisfied -- and that the job complies with all applicable legislative and statutory requirements.

We’ve over 20 years of experience in delivering customised, independent assurance services to all kinds of clients. We’ve worked across a range of large complex projects in a diverse range of industries. We’ve worked hard to earn our good reputation among financiers, major contractors, government agencies, owners/developers and tenants. This level of credibility is absolutely essential to the stakeholders and participants of big projects.

We can help you develop Quality, OH&S and Environmental systems. We can conduct second party audits of projects as well as cost certification. We offer compliance audit and independent verification services and if you need an independent technical engineer or a financier’s engineer, we can provide one. If it’s help with design review and certification you’re after, or operations and maintenance review, we’ve got it covered. If independent determination for completion, EOT claims, variations or disputes is required, then we can help.

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