APP has many years of experience working on major water projects across Australia. Our comprehensive services cover water supply, irrigation, water treatment and future security. We can maximise our Client’s value management through every phase of the project cycle, from project planning through to design, construction and including ongoing operation and maintenance.

Our extensive experience includes work on the two largest desalination plants in Australia as well as numerous water and waste water treatment facilities. APP combines this track record with a genuine understanding of the future challenges surrounding water security in this country. Our capacity to provide directorship and stewardship has been recognised by the many government agencies who have chosen us to work with them.

We have also worked closely with financiers and contractors as independent verifier or financier’s engineer on major water projects.

Associated projects: 

Associated Services: 

  • Development & management of capital works programs
  • Project Scheduling
  • Superintendence
  • Government Advisory
  • Independent Verification
  • Client & Financier’s Engineer
  • Contract Advice & Litigation Support
  • Project Management