Munitions Management Improvement

  • Munitions Management Improvement

    Munitions Management Improvement

Project details: 

APP Helps Defence in the Recovery of Explosive Ordnance Technical Integrity

In a demonstration of traditional, effective project management methodologies, APP aided Defence in the recovery of its Explosive Ordnance technical integrity.

APP was engaged to provide program direction, under ‘Project Phoenix’, for the recovery of the technical integrity of Defence Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO). Originally initiated by the GWEO organisation in DMO, Defence subsequently identified that PHOENIX was a high priority project, and it was escalated.  

Defence saw a critical need for effective integration and change management which was vital to the success of the project. Additionally, an intensive program and project overview was required to provide GWEO with effective control of the project.

The project saw APP managing three contracted firms in the delivery of hundreds of separate projects to recover the Defence EO data/information, and to repackage it suitably for engineering approvals, as well as upgraded accountability required for Defence munitions.

Having commenced in early 2006, APP’s project director was engaged, ultimately for approximately four years, leading the implementation phase of Project PHOENIX to its successful conclusion in early 2010.

Project summary: 

  • Client: Defence Materiel Organisation (Munitions Branch, EO Division)
  • Value: Confidential
  • Services: Project Management
  • Sector: Defence
  • Location: Orchard Hills, NSW