Our Story

  1. APP in 1989
    APP in 1989
  2. APP in 1994, Terrigal
    APP in 1994
  3. APP in 1997
    APP in 1997
  4. APP in 1999, Hunter Valley
    APP in 1999 - 10 year anniversary
  5. APP in 2003, Hunter Valley Gardens
    APP in 2003
  6. APP in 2005, The Entrance
    APP in 2005
  7. APP in 2007, Fairmont Blue Mountains
    APP in 2007
  8. APP Conference, 2011
    APP in 2011
  9. National Training Workshop 2014
    APP in 2013

APP was founded in 1989 to service the project management needs of the building and construction sector. Since then, our reputation has grown, and we have taken our project management skills and ability to deliver an outcome into broader areas, as clients recognise the value of our skills across their organisation.

Today our diverse skill base takes us into all market sectors. We offer a wide range of services spanning Real Estate, Design and Technical Services, Independent Assurance Services and, Consulting and Advisory. APP’s respected Project Management service has grown into a broader offering of Program and Project Delivery.

Our clients value APP’s integrity, commercial acumen, ability to build strong teams and lasting relationships – and our flexibility to be independent or to act as a principal consultant when needed.

We excel in complex multi-stakeholder environments because we listen impartially and manage objectively. Our staff are the best in the business with a collective commitment to go beyond what’s expected.

At APP, we always believe there is always a better way and this attitude is reflected in the way we do business.

That’s how we’ve grown to become a strategic, trusted advisor to many of Australia’s most successful companies.